Benefits of Clay Masks in Australia

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Healthy looking skin has long been a desire for women and men around the world. Using clay products for healthier skin is nothing new; it has been a custom in many cultures for centuries. However, over the last few years, clay masks have made a resurgence thanks to their proven results and a newfound presence on social media profiles and beauty magazines.

Beyond just the aesthetic purposes, clay masks offer many benefits which the naked eye cannot see. These benefits can be felt by the most important person, the person using them! We've collated a few of our favourite perks when using a clay mask below.

Helps to treat oily skin

A significant benefit of clay masks is that they draw excess oil, dirt and other impurities away from the pores of your skin. If not attended to, it could lead to scarring if not dealt with correctly.

For those with naturally oily skin, applying a clay mask regularly can help manage the excess oil. Of course, some natural oils are essential to keeping the skin moisturised, so removing only the excess through clay masks results in the best of both worlds.

No more dry skin

There is a lot of concern as to whether clay masks will dry the skin. Clay masks work to rejuvenate the skin's moisture, and masks containing kaolin clay are the gentlest, resulting in glowing skin.

Originating from the Gaoling hills in China, the kaolin clay harnesses the ability to cleanse, soften and keep the skin healthy. It is perfect for those with more sensitive or dry skin.

Kaolin clay can also naturally tone your skin by stimulating the skin cells. This can only be achieved through regular use and will not happen immediately.

Soothing your skin

Whether insect bites have caused skin blemishes, rashes or other day-to-day happenings, clay masks possess soothing abilities that relax your skin from any irritation.

Not only can clay masks soothe and hydrate your skin, but they restore skin balance in the process. When the skin's internal balance is off, the skin is more prone to react in the form of acne. Keeping the skin at a healthy balance promotes excellent outcomes for the health of your skin.

Organic Material

When applying anything to your skin, the most crucial factor is to know that it is derived from organic materials. The current beauty and self-care products market is full of synthetic compounds, which are potentially harmful to the skin.

As clay is from the mineral-rich earth, it poses no threat to your skin and will not leave any nasty side effects. Peace of mind when using new products is of extreme importance! 

The De Luxe Skin Charcoal Clay Mask is the perfect place to start your clay mask journey. It's the original Australian clay mask and is safe for all skin types and tones.



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